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Forma: the Radio Frequency Anti Aging Revolution

Forma: The Radio Frequency Anti Aging Revolution by Dr. Rahi’s Integrative Aesthetics™ Specialist

For immediate results to tighten your skin, read the details about Forma Radio Frequency Device. For more information, contact us at Dr. Rahi’s Integrative Aesthetics™ Specialist or simply schedule an appointment online! We serve patients from Beverly Hills, CA.

Forma: The Radio Frequency Anti Aging Revolution by Dr. Rahi's Integrative Aesthetics™ Specialist in Beverly Hills, CA

The Anti Aging Radiofrequency Revolution:

With the aggressive yet effective technological advancements, both women and men are shying away from the drastic surgical facelifts. (Which can be associated with longer downtimes, more potential side effects, and higher costs.) While steering their anti aging regimines towards more noninvasive methods of maintaining a tight face and neck.
There are many different modalities that are offered to tighten your skin and thus improve your appearance but there is only one that is painless and provides you with immediate results which stimulates your body’s collagen production. This is what we call the Forma Radio Frequency Device.

What is Radio-frequency? It’s a safe and an effective way to improve skin laxity by stimulating the production of collagen up to 40% more! Over a period of 6 sessions at a rate of one session every two weeks to allow you to have tighter and more youthful face and neck without the need of going under anesthesia.

How does the Forma Radio frequency Device work?

Forma work mechanism is promoting changes in the tissue architecture by stimulating collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. The radio frequency waves heats the dermal collagen fibers which result in collagen remodeling and skin tightening.

What are its benefits?

Here are some of the benefits associated with Forma – the most effective anti aging radio frequency device available on the market.

  • No downtime
  • Quick
  • Painless
  • Low maintenance: Do it once per month for 6 sessions per year.
  • Contours your cheekbones and jawline for slimmer face.
  • You would need to use less filler and neurotoxin over time.

One recent clinical case report showed that 100% of clients who received the treatment achieved clinically notable improvement without any pain, nor side effects and without any downtime noted.