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Dr. Rahi has a clinic in Beverly Hills that has changed life physically and emotionally. She is a known name in the field of aesthetics, integrative and anti-aging medicine in Beverly Hills, CA and New York, NYC.

Her experience and the number of successful cases precedes her image. She has the reputation of an innovator whose mission is to build perfect solutions that carry both cosmetic rejuvenation and inner health.

For her patients, she has given them hope and confidence through modern services. Her patients come from all over the world to get treatments including:

  • Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
  • Fillers, Botox, PDO Threads
  • Innovative Radio Frequency Treatments
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Integrative Functional Medicine
  • Supplements, IV Drips, Blood Testing
  • Hormone Therapy

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our philosophy
of care

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She wants to provide you with the utmost integral approaches to anti-aging and beauty that don’t just make you look better on the outside, but help solve underlying issues so the effects are long-lasting and result in your optimal physical beauty and health.

Dr. Rahi prefers to have a holistic and integrative approach when treating her patients.

Dr. Rahi prefers to have a holistic and integrative approach when treating her patients. At her clinic, she doesn’t want to apply a quick fix that won’t last.

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Through this approach, her patients have long-lasting results from state-of-the-art treatments for well being, facial rejuvenation, anti-aging, and more.

For Dr. Rahi, the patient’s health and satisfaction comes first. She prioritizes patient experience by remaining at each client’s side through every step of the treatment.

She also makes sure to give enough time in consultation and follow-up visits. Her effort ensures that you are receiving a customized treatment that is meant for your optimum health and happiness.

Dr. Rahi is referred to as a health guide and coach by many of her clients due to her utmost dedication to their happiest and healthiest life. Come share any health need or issue you have with Dr. Rahi and trust her to guide you through your journey to your healthiest self.

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dr rahi image

Sed morbi.


Dr. Rahi has been practicing aesthetics and anti-aging

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Molestie felis.

2017 2022

2017 Dr. Rahi opened up her first clinic for Integrative Medicine and Aesthetics

2022 Dr. Rahi is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine


2006 – 2010 Medical Education Ross University School of Medicine

2010—2013 Post-Graduate Residency Training Los Angeles County and University of Southern California: Internal Medicine Residency


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Aliquet facilisis.

2016 Dr. Rahi did her fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona under Dr. Andrew Weil

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