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Botox Injections Specialist

Botox Injections Specialist in Beverly Hills, CA

Our aestheticians at Dr. Rahi Anti-Aging and Integrative Aesthetics offer Botox for a quick solution to your wrinkles, fine lines, and other aesthetic needs. Contact us today or schedule an appointment online! We have convenient locations to serve you in Beverly Hills, CA.

Botox Injections Specialist Near Me in Beverly Hills, CA
Botox Injections Specialist Near Me in Beverly Hills, CA

Table of Contents:

What are botox injections used for?
How long do botox injections last?
What are the side effects of botox?

Botox is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the United States, with millions of injections administered every year. A Botox injection specialist is a medical professional who has received specialized training in the use of Botox to treat a variety of conditions. Botox injection specialists are often dermatologists, plastic surgeons, or nurse practitioners, although they can come from a wide variety of medical backgrounds, as long as they possess the necessary licenses to practice medicine. Botox is a neurotoxin that can be used to temporarily paralyze muscles and is most commonly used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

What are botox injections used for?

Botox is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and is considered a versatile medical and cosmetic treatment. Botulinum toxin acts by blocking the release of acetylcholine from presynaptic nerve endings at the neuromuscular junction, resulting in flaccid paralysis. Clinical applications for botulinum toxin began in the mid-1980s when ophthalmologists started using it to treat strabismus (lazy eye). In 2002, the FDA approved botulinum toxin for the temporary improvement of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows, also known as glabellar lines.

Botox injections can be used to achieve a wide range of cosmetic changes on many areas of the face, including:

– Smooth crow’s feet
– Soften forehead furrows
– Eliminate frown lines
– Smooth lip lines
– Eliminate bunny lines
– Diminish neck bands
– Improve the appearance of chin skin dimpling
– Lift the corners of the mouth
– Soften a square jawline
– Correct a gummy smile

How long do botox injections last?

The length of time that Botox injections provide results is different in each situation and is highly dependent upon several factors, including:

– The number of areas being treated
– The number of injections/units received
– The areas being treated
– Aftercare instructions
– Lifestyle
– Diet
– Genetics
– Individual metabolism

Based on the aforementioned factors, Botox, in most cases, lasts around three to four months. Some patients, such as those with naturally softer skin, may experience longer results, while others, including those with a fast metabolism, may experience a shorter duration of results.

What are the side effects of botox?

Just like any other minimally invasive procedure—cosmetic and therapeutic—there are potential side effects of Botox injections. In most cases, the side effects are minimal, such as redness, swelling and discomfort in the area(s) of injection. These symptoms should go away on their own within a few hours to a few days and should not interfere with your everyday routine. In rare (and even very rare) cases, other side effects from Botox injections are possible. These may include:

Eye Edema — Collections of watery fluid, medically called edema but more commonly known as swelling, can occur from Botox treatment. This is most common around the eye, but still only occurs in around one percent of all patients. While swelling around the eye may be noticeable for a few days, it is not a serious complication. The causes of edema include allergic reaction, inflammation, trauma, and poor lymphatic and/or venous return to the eye after Botox.

Eyelid, Lip or Brow Drooping — Brow, lip or eyelid drooping is another rare complication, occurring at a rate of approximately one to three percent; most cases are a consequence of poor injector technique. Fortunately, these complications can be avoided by visiting an experienced Botox injection specialist, such as at Dr. Rahi Anti-Aging and Integrative Aesthetics.

Headaches — While this may seem contradictory at first as Botox is used therapeutically to relieve migraine headaches, some people may experience headaches after Botox injections. Rather than being a consequence of the product itself, it is usually the result of the injector’s technique.

Pain, Swelling & Bruising — Botox is injected using very small, fine hypodermic needles; while it does not always occur, bruising can result from the trauma to the skin.

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