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Forma Skin Tightening Treatment Specialist in Beverly Hills, CA

Common Questions Asked by Clients: Does forma skin tightening really work? How many forma treatments are needed? How much is a forma treatment?

Visit Dr. Rahi’s Integrative Aesthetics™ Specialist, for a custom tailored program to fulfill individual patients needs for cosmetic rejuvenation and inner health concerns. Contact us or schedule an appointment online! We serve patients from Beverly Hills, CA.

Forma is a procedure that specializes in skin tightening through the power of heat and radiofrequency flowing between electrodes to provide a comfortable experience. This treatment is even referred to as a “lunch-time” procedure as it has absolutely no downtime.

Forma not only gives you tighter skin but improves its elasticity. This results is skin that is healthily tight on the face and body, but at the time, supple. This completely non-invasive procedure can even be used for contour and lifting effects as well.