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Dr. Rahi practices anti-aging and integrative medicine that is tailored to individual patients' needs and health concerns focusing on disease prevention and health maintenance. Dr. Rahi has offices in both Beverly Hills & New York. We offer services such as Peptide Therapy, Botox, Weight Loss, EMS Body Sculpting & More. Dr. Rahi’s goal is to find out exactly what her clients need to heal them so they can achieve their optimal selves.

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About Dr. Rahi Anti-Aging and Integrative Aesthetics Specialist in Beverly Hills, CA and New York, NYC

Dr. Rahi has a clinic in Beverly Hills & New York that has changed lives physically and emotionally. She is a well known name in the field of aesthetics, integrative and anti-aging medicine in Beverly Hills, CA and New York, NYC. She has the reputation of an innovator whose mission is to build perfect solutions that carry both cosmetic rejuvenation and inner health.

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“I love Dr. Rahi and her whole team! Everyone is so friendly and helpful and makes you feel very comfortable. I had scheduled a session of IPL with Stacey and it was so relaxing. She had the best bedside manner and made me feel like I’ve known her for years. It was super easy and painless. And I’m happy with my results. I’ll definitely visit again!”

Jessica A.

"Dr. Rahi cares a lot about her patients and keeping up to date with the latest technology and techniques. She is very knowledgable, an expert in her field, and makes everything easy to understand. So glad we found her! Highly recommend Dr. Rahi for all things labs and anti-aging related. Doug at the front desk is wonderful and always accommodating!"

Sara M.

"I have seen Dr Rahi for a series of micro needling treatments and I am very happy with the results – I feel like my skin looks years younger! She takes the utmost care when performing the procedure to communicate the process and to understand expectations of the patient. Her staff is very attentive and accommodating as well. Would absolutely recommend!"

Erin C.

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Dr Rahi

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