Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections/Facials


Do you wish there was a way your skin could use your body’s own healing properties to get rid of sagging skin around the face, fine lines, and overall skin texture? PRP does just that.

The human body has the powerful ability to heal itself. In PRP Treatments, this ability is harnessed through the natural growth factors your body uses to heal tissue. These natural growth factors cause your skin to heal itself when infused, kick-starting its production of collagen and regenerating it completely. The result is naturally healthier skin that looks younger and smoother. It eliminates lines, folds, sagging, poor skin texture, and more.

The regenerating plasma derived from a small amount of your blood is injected into your skin, creating a medium for red and white blood cells to circulate which causes the advanced healing response that studies have shown eases sun damage and reverses aging skin problems.

This advanced skin therapy works to take your natural skin to it’s highest potential. It causes the skin to not only appear tighter and smoother, but to be naturally so. All due to the hard work of the natural ingredients that are already in your body. And who doesn’t want naturally perfect looking skin?

There is almost not risk of allergic reaction to PRP treatments due the fact that it’s all derived from your own body. There is zero down time as well.