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– Fights sleep wrinkles and morning puffiness

– For glowing, younger-looking skin

– Provides comfy and healthy sleep

– The perfected ergonomic design gently supports your head and neck in the most anatomically correct position while you sleep on your back.

– Side bolsters prevent your head from tilting, keeping you sleeping comfortably on your back all night long.

– The neck support bolster ensures proper anatomical positioning and allows you to fully relax during sleep.

– The Extra Comfort material is a new top-quality foam with even more adaptive properties, supporting your head and neck giving you the best night’s sleep of your life.

– The additional foam insert helps you adjust the height of your pillow to suit your personal preferences.

– Signature custom-fit Sleep&Glow Aula pillowcase included. Fabric: 100% Tencel (natural eucalyptus fiber).


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