What if someone told you that your individual body was made to excel with specific foods and dietary structures? Every single body is different, and each body was made to thrive metabolically on a different selection of foods, portions, and even eating schedules.

Dr. Rahi offers an extensive nutritional plan that can tell you exactly which foods and dietary structures your body was made to excel on, and what to avoid. These nutritional plans also show which vitamins your body is lacking, so you can achieve them not just through supplements but straight from the source of healthy foods.

Dr. Rahi’s primary concern is that your body is functioning at its best and how that those effects shine through you physically, mentally, and emotionally. These dietary and nutritional changes can vastly change how your skin, hair, and body looks. Eating the wrong foods and not being properly nourished can cause affects on the body and face even as specific as sagging skin, dryness, and bloating.

Most importantly, a proper diet can change how your body functions so that underlying conditions are reversed, and you feel more energized, revitalized, and happy.