6 Reasons to Start Using Adaptogens

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Adaptogens can help the body adapt better to stressful life situations and delay or prevent the exhaustion phase: They increase the body’s resistance to physical, chemical and biological stressors. Whether they are herbs, teas or mushrooms – adaptogens have been used for centuries to help with healing, disease prevention and disease reversal. They can be used in athletes to enhance performance, in the elderly and debilitated to add more rejuvenation to life, during pregnancy or for anyone who wants to make positive health changes in their life.


  • Adaptogens – can increase the body’s resistance to physical, chemical and biological stressors. Stress tolerance decreases as we age; these herbs, mushrooms, teas can help our bodies adapt better to inevitable life situations.
  • Adaptogens can boost the immune system: studies have shown that some adaptogens can help your body adjust better to various different attacks on the immune system such as colds, flus and bacterial infections.
  • Anti inflammatory: Adaptogens can help the body fight off inflammation from stress: physical or mental. Inflammation is the foundation of all disease and adaptogens can help reverse this.
  • Adaptogens have anti-anxiety properties – whether taken in pill form or made in a tea – can help take the edge off of everyday life with minimal to little side effects.
  • Can help improve your concentration; for example: Studies have shown that ginseng improves mood, concentration and metabolism.
  • Wound healing: Some adaptogens such as Gotu Kola used in a lotion has been show to assist in wound healing.
    Examples of Adaptogens:
    Ginseng, Ashwaghanda, Cordyceps, Cat’s Claw, Gotu Kola, and many more!
    **consult with your Integrative Health Practitioner prior to starting adaptogens
    Source: Schulz, Volker, et al. Rational Phytotherapy: a Physicians’ Guide to Herbal Medicine. Springer-Verlag, 1998.
    ** Not all supplements are created alike: before spending a fortune on them consult with your Integrative Health Practitioner on which brands are the purest and safest to use

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